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    I've had 3 new Toyotas and have been pretty happy with them.
    A guy with a Ford (might have been a new Focus) looked at my Vios because the Ford Tech from Bacolod had looked at his car 3 times and hadn't fixed it yet.
    Toyota fixed some collision damage for me. It didn't take long and the work was good.
    Side note; their bodyshop was jam packed with smashed vehicles, mostly suvs and pick up trucks. It appears people just don't respect entitled people and get out of their way. Jebnus!!!
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  2. Stefan_Negros

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    I do agree that car producers in China are progressing and beeing able ti deliver good quality cars.

    But where is the next Geely dealership and or garage in Dumaguete ?

    I am still of the opinion that before choosing a specific brand or model everybody should check carefully the situation at the place where he is living in terms of garages, mechanics and availability of spare parts. And then choose your car.

    Maybe you will not end up with the best car available but the combination of a good car and a good garage is whst makes your life easier in the future.
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