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Aches n Pains

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by john boy, Oct 11, 2014.

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    HI Wyre. No problem with red tape this end. or money problems..
    , thanks for the advice Pato.
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    you know JB it is so funny ( Well Odd really) I never really noticed until recently, the weather here is so very changeable, that it has started to bring some strange aches and pains out. I have had them before but not in the last 5 years or so. Of course we are all different and I am sure the Weather will affect us all in Different ways. At this time I a waking up with a Burning sensation in my left Shoulder Blade.

    The Doctor tells me it is a Circulation Problem Probably Brought on by the Stroke. She also said that I would have a lot more problems with it if I was still in Europe.
    One thing for sure, Where we may complain about things in the hospitals here, They do know about Strokes and Heart Complaints. this to me is important. Aches and Pains will always be with us. But for me, better to have them in an Environment that is warm and a little more forgiving than Cold and Continual damp conditions.

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    I have a broken leg which has been broken since November 18th 1984. No plates, pins or screws holding the break together, I walk with great difficulty here using Crutches, I should be using a Wheelchair or one of those Electric Gopher Kart things, yet when it comes to the majority of pain suffered, it is all the other broken bones from my past that have long since healed that are giving me such curry in the cooler weather! Also muscle pains, like where I have torn the right bicep muscle from the bone which extends the pain into my shoulder/s and neck etc.

    When I was there in Dumaguete last Christmas, after 6 weeks, I noticed a GREAT improvement regards aches and pains, I could even walk farther than here, I honestly felt an improvement in my health, sleeping, mobility and less headaches, which I swore if I wanted to live longer, then I HAD to return to live there instead of bringing my Wife and Daughter here to live, I do not know exactly what it is, albeit a combination of many things, but the warmth is a Godsend that is for sure!