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Features Active Members and High Post Ratings Banners

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & User Feedback' started by Rye83, Dec 1, 2015.

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    I've added a banners for members that are considered active members and another for members with a high ratio of positive post ratings to posts. These user groups have existed for some time now but I have never added a banner for them.

    The active member banner will be placed on users who have made 1 post in the last 15 days.

    The high ratings banner will be applied to users who have received 3 positive post ratings to every 10 posts (users must have a minimum of 30 posts). If the active status or post rating ratio is not maintained the banners will automatically be removed.

    The point of the banner is to show new members which users are active and regularly post helpful/positive posts. Though this doesn't mean that people without these banners can't give good advice. :wink:

    Just some FYI (in case you don't know or don't use post ratings.....which you should :wink:):

    Positive post ratings include
    • :woot: - Thanks
    • :thumbsup: - Like
    • [​IMG] - Agree
    • :hilarious: - Funny
    • winner.png - winner
    • [​IMG] - Genius
    • informative.png - Informative
    Neutral post ratings (these are not considered a bad rating) include:
    • :thumbsdown: - Dislike
    • :wtf: - Disagree
    Negative post ratings include:
    • [​IMG] - Bad Form
    • Informative Informative x 3
    • Like Like x 2