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    Have to disagree strongly with this one. This is a quick way for a person land themselves in a lot of trouble with the law here. One police officer/chief might give the green light on something that isn't legal but if a different police officer (even if from the same department) catches you, decides to go by the letter of the law (which DH provided above) and wants to pursue it you are going to be pretty screwed.....or left with a wallet that is much lighter than what you started with after you pay off every person that was aware of the reasons for your arrest, and that option might not even be made available.
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    It may be worth having an official source for that info because anyone who gets arrested for carrying a concealed weapon is not likely to be released by saying "George on the Internet told me could".

    EDIT: Here is the act and I don't see anything about foreigners carrying.
    Republic Act No. 10591 | GOVPH
    Where is the bit about being able to carry if your wife is with you? As I read section 30, convoluted as it is, I could easily come away with the impression that your wife could land up in jail by giving an unlicensed person the control of her legal firearm. How do you read that?
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    Latest update; the team started 2 pm today, we were more or less 50pax. Started with Gun Safety training/exam about 1.5hrs, followed by gun firing about 6 ammo each,then Photo taking/encoding, drug test and the Neuro test(2-3hrs).
    BLoody brown out around 4:30pm so, all of us has to come back 9am tomorrow to finish the Neuro exam. I told them its more fun in the philippines!!! NOw i'm stuck in a scenic bay all alone in a nice beachfront resort, no dogs barking, no rosters and no loud muffler. LIfe is Beach indeed!
    Important; bring 3pcs. 2x2 photo, NSO birth certificate, NBI, all copies of your previous Firearm dicuments. THey advice me to bring and submit my application form, required documents to Dumaguete headquarter and all results will be coordinated by Dumaguete. I paid total 1,900pesos, plus transport, beautiful beachfront and serenity.
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