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  1. God Bless Texas

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    My condolances on your loss and prayers to your wife.

    The domestic flights are brutal with both time and money. I can get back to Dallas in 28 hours and roundtrip for 60k php (50 or less if I leave from Cebu)
    BUT ---- it takes 32 hrs and 17k php to get to Cagayan De Oro due to all the domestic flights being routed to Manilla.
    What once was 30 min and 1500 php is now just out of hand.
    I was looking into taking a roro or fastcat but they are not doing Dmgte to/from CDO at this time.
    I have not looked into possibly Cebu to CDO, but with Cebu being "open" it could be an option.
    Also depends on where in Mindanao you are aiming for.
    Just another heads up, the LGU's there seem to have more requirements than here. Some are Open to residence only.
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  2. jim787

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    In the post-pandemic reality, this is one sort of family gathering that would best be turned into a Zoom.com meeting, except for those in the immediate area. As I recently explained to a loved one regarding Day of the Dead observance: the dead have no concern for time, dates, memorials, birthdays, holidays, time to go to work, etc. They have passed through time and into eternity. Avoid gatherings, go to the cemetery when it's quiet. Sit and meditate or pray, think about the good qualities of the deceased. Don't behave in a way to please or placate the living.
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