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    I've had a 15M plan with AirLink (their plan 4499) for almost three years. The cost is 4499 PHP / month. I know that sounds expensive, but where I live there is no other option currently that will offer that speed, and I need it for my work so I am glad the service is available. When I run speed tests I am consistently getting at least 15M speed. The service has been very reliable, and in the few instances where I was experiencing a slow speed I emailed them and it was fixed right away, usually within minutes.
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    I don't know.
    Airlink uses a microwave "point to point" radio connection between a central antenna and a small dish type antenna mounted up high at your home. It does not use a satellite in space. It can span long distances and is much faster and lower cost than a satellite connection. Airlink claims to support Siquijor. Here is the blurb on DI.

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