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Tourist Visa Best Posts in Thread: Annual BI Report 2021

  1. PatO

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    Went today. Icard with copy of front and back, passport with copies of last date entered and front page, last receipt copy, 310p
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    I have been at the immigration office today, arrive at 6.45 am, got number 2, went for a coffee back again before they open 8 am, I was out 8.07 am, not that crowed as I remember last year, estimate 20-25 people waiting when I left
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    It does seem that everything here is geared towards ensuring a steady income stream for attorneys - in the UK you sell a car and the buyer is given a receipt from the seller for the cash, then sends off documents (at no cost) to DVLA. The receipt seems to manage with a signature and not require a fee paid to a middle man and a signature would suffice in a Court of Law. In the case of Wills, witnessing by two ordinary people is sufficient - again no need to pay an attorney. In fact, in the UK I have written my own Wills and carried out the Conveyancing (both selling and buying) for houses I owned and was never forced* to use paid-for legal services. Is the same in most other (or Western) countries?

    * One smart legal firm did try to pressurise me by saying they could not work with a non-legal person in the purchase of my house by their client - so I told the purchaser I would put the house back on the market and the legal firm at once accepted working with me! I had read 'The Conveyancing Fraud' in detail and was told to expect this.
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  4. Koala

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    10 December 2020


    Annual report of aliens starts January - BI

    Foreign nationals registered with the Bureau of Immigration (BI) were reminded to report in person to the agency starting this January.

    BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said the annual report of aliens is in compliance with the Alien Registration Act of 1950, which requires all aliens with immigrant and non-immigrant visas to report in person to the bureau within the first 60 days of every calendar year. Thus, the 2021 annual report period of aliens will be held on Jan. 1 up to March 1.

    Morente, however, urged foreigners to immediately register with the BI’s online appointment system at http://e-services.immigration.gov.ph so they would be given their schedules on when they will make their annual report.

    “As with all other transactions, we will not allow the entry of walk-in foreigners who wish to make their annual report. They have to obtain their schedule via our online appointment system,” the BI chief stressed. “Eight hundred slots for the AR is reserved per day, while Saturdays are reserved for those availing the services of accredited entities, as well as remote AR for bulk applicants,” he added.

    Remote AR, according to Morente, may be requested by embassies or foreign groups, and may be considered if the number of reportees exceeds ten individuals.

    He explained that under the law, foreigners who are holders of immigrant and non-immigrant visas and were issued alien certificate of registration identity card (ACR I-Card) are required to make the annual report.

    “Failure to do so may result in fines, visa cancelation, deportation, or imprisonment,” Morente warned.

    He said that aside from the BI main office in Intramuros, Manila, aliens may also report to the nearest participating BI field, satellite or extension office.

    Lawyer Jose Carlitos Licas, BI alien registration chief, said Foreigners who are out of the country during the 60-day period can still make the report within 30 days from the date of their return to the country, so long as their re-entry permits are still valid.

    Aliens must present their original ACR I-Card and valid passport as well as pay a P300-annual report fee and P10-legal research fee, Licas said.

    For aliens below the age of 14, Licas said their parent or guardian can make the report for them. Senior citizens and persons with disability are exempted from personal appearance, he added, and may file through a representative with a Special Power of Attorney.
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