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    Alright, going to put this "Anonymous" posting issue to rest:

    The only time an anonymous post should be questioned is if someone is using the feature to obviously, clearly and falsely about a business or individual and that post would violate libel laws in the United States. If you don't know US case-law on libel I recommend you Google that and do some reading.

    In short: If a statement is true it is NOT libel or defamation.

    Since VisayaCom is operated out of the state of Indiana. So, Indiana would be a good place to look for any reading material.
    Hint: Indiana Defamation Laws & Standards
    Bonus Hint: "Many defendants in online libel cases successfully argue on the grounds of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which basically holds webmasters harmless when defamatory content is published to their websites by third parties."

    Negative reviews of a business (if factual), asking questions, answering a question, voicing an opinion or even just saying "hello" to a new member is perfectly acceptable use of the feature. People have reasons for wanting to remain anonymous and by being asked to publicly explain the reason for using the anonymous feature may very well expose the person's identity.

    Since I am the only person on the forum that can see who is making anonymous posts all questions regarding its use, or alleged misuse, should be directed to me through private message or by clicking the "Report" button under the anonymous post. If a person is abusing the privilege or relying on it too heavily it will be handled. If content shared anonymously looks as if it could be considered libel the author will be given a chance to show that the content is factual.

    Important Note: Do not publicly question a person using the feature.[/B]

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