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    Two Words - Taurus SC. Use what the big boys use. This product works. I treated my bamboo house with it six years ago and haven't seen a sign of termites since. It is undetectable to the critters, who get it on their bodies and then take it back to the hive where it is spread throughout the hive, literally killing the entire hive out. That is how you get rid of ants my friend. Boom!

    You can get it at Amazon.com in US but probably will have to have someone send it to you. DoMyOwn.com might mail it direct.
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    I've used Terro with some success, but it has to be repeated every week, or so, for ???? until the queens dies. And then there may be more than one nest, each with its own queen.

    The problem with Terro is finding it. Handyman and Robinsons seem to get a supply in, sell out in a few days and then you have to wait months before they have it again. I always found it intriguing that merchanst who have computerized inventory control don't look to see what sells fast and make adjustments by ordering more the next time. If you don't have what the customer wants, you've lost that profit. I guess it's easier to fall back on the National Motto: "Sorry, Sir. No stock."
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    I bought some from Shopee a few months ago.

    Also, I found this ad on this website:
    Price : ₱350(Fixed)
    Type : For Sale
    Date : August 13, 2019
    Location : Villa Residencia Apartments, Cadawinonan Road, Dumaguete.

    Ants Killer 100% Guarantee ANT Killer Powder.
    The best and easiest way to kill ants. After setting up the powder, the ants take the bait and carry it into their nest. After 24h all ants including the queen are dead.
    Pick up price P 350 only. Three packs or more P 300 each
    CAUTION : Keep away from children and Do not eat.

    (My note: I am pretty sure he means "do not eat" the powder and is not referring to the children).
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