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Any serious/classical/standard musician there?

Discussion in 'Dining - Nightlife - Entertainment' started by Jopliniac, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Classical Music has been quite still vague to most of the Filipinos since it is not a culture here. It's from the West. Yeah, average Filipinos might say "oh i know Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin (and pronounced it like Cha-pin)" but they really don't know anything beyond those names. It's a sad truth actually, BUT it's not a culture here so i think that's reasonable enough.

    Anyway, i'm a classical pianist (well, a very very, very amateur one) and is there someone out there who is so into the Classical realm of music? Regardless of period, i'm talking about the entirety of Classical Music.

    Well, i would love to trade music if you have something interesting or if you want to acquire any piece of music, i would love to share.

    I would love to talk to people who knows stuffs like this! You know it's so rare to find people with this kind of inclination.
    (i only have my bestfriend (also a piano performance major in silliman) whom i can talk crazy with classical music, yeah call us geeks or nerds, but it's just like that. haha)

    Anyway, have a good day! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.