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Mabinay Are there any bus travelling going to Mabinay?

Discussion in 'Surrounding Areas' started by christ, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Hi guys i would like to know if there is a bus travelling from dumaguete to mabinay? I'm here in Manila planning to go to mabinay for a visiting. I heard that the road there in negros were damaged from the quake. I'm worried if the road in mabinay is also damaged. Please let me know some info. Thanks
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    G'day Christ

    Yes, the Ceres bus line has a regular bus service from Dumaguette to Bacalod via Mabinay
    LINK>>>> Dumaguete-Mabinay-Bus-Travel

    The trip usually takes about 3 hours, give or take, depending the traffic, time of day and the state of the road works.

    Have personally taken this trip a few times myself as my wife is from Mabinay.

    The buses leave fairly regularly, you should not have to wait at the terminal much more than half an hour, or so.
    Could not find the schedule for Dumaguette-Mabinay-Bacalod but here is one for the other way as an example of the frequency
    LINK>>>> trip_schedule_by_land

    May i ask your purpose in visiting the Cave Capital of the Phillippines?
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    The road from Duma to Mabinay was fine the last time we went there which was about 3 weeks ago. Ceres does have very regular trips scheduled to Bacolod from Duma and they go right through Mabinay on that route with aircon and non-aircon buses. To those interested, they have a motocross track set-up right outside of town. The official motocross event is supposed to be on 2/22.