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    Very complicated and involved numerous conversations but in short: They set various levels of sending limits. They started at £800 for anyone and then by senders presenting piles of documents they SAID they would increase the sending limits to two higher Tiers (in the £1000s). Myself and my wife both sent ALL the documents they requested to raise us to the HIGHEST TIER ... then they said £800 was too much for us to send. Any conversations with their staff was like talking with people who were incompetent. I had to compare our experience with using remittance companies like KabayanRemit, BCRemit and Transferwise and just decided that life is too short to waste it with companies who make life too difficult. We were able to send £1000s via the other three companies named here and Remitly's combined exchange rate and sending fees were very uncompetitive compared with the three other companies listed. There was nothing about them I could find as a positive.
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