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Bacong shooting-two dead?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Cutie ladybug, Jun 7, 2012.

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    The crime rate where I lived previously was very low ( in that area). 90% of our neighbors were well armed and knew how to use them.
    And our local prosecuting attorney , judges, and police would definitely take the "citizens" side as it should be. I never saw it go beyond the police stage to pick up the body with the coroner/ambulance. It would only be some drug crazed idiot from some other part of the state that might make the mistake of trying to rob one of us. Sure we could shoot them in the hips , the most painfull place you can place a nice hollow-point PPB and watch them writher in pain until the law arrives. But much cheaper on the taxpayers to eliminate the crooks. No court costs, no prison time to the tune of around $40,000.00 USD, per year per scum bag. It's the old "Keep it simple" thing.
    One reason no one invades the U.S. other than what has been going on since the 60's with being destoyed from within, when 90% of my neighbors and pretty much the whole state and many other states are well armed, who in their right mind thinks they can invade the U.S. ? Two older ladies that lived on one side of us as just one example both were proficient in pistol, rifle, shotgun ! wow, even bow and arrow. Very average looking gals, want to try and rob them ? I'd say the average person I know has at least 6 weapons. Many with more.
    Most my friends and I have concealed carry permits iin the U.S.. Crime has dropped a lot. If you want to commit a home invasion crime or car jacking, rape, hold-up, and so on I"ll give you our old address.
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