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Balikbayan Visa Balikbayan Program

Discussion in 'Passports and Visas' started by Rye83, May 17, 2015.

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    My experience last December falls right into what you are asking. There is no answer to your question of course, just stories of 'this is what happened to me'. We went to Hong Kong for a week, at HK airport I told the ticket agent I did not need an onward ticket due to Balikbayan status and gave her a copy of marriage certificate along with passports. No problem. At immigration my wife apparently 'forgot' to ask for Balikbayan stamp and he gave me the standard 30 day tourist. No mention of onward ticket from BI. I talked to the head guy at the Duma BI office and there seems to be a process to convert to Balikbayan but I did not do it as I had an upcoming solo trip to the States anyway.

    Back from the States on tourist Visa, got 59 day at the airport and just did a 6 month extension, another 2 month extension in December and we will try for Balikbayan again in Feb 2018
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