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Healthcare BEND OVER and grit your teeth!

Discussion in 'Military and Veterans' started by grandpainak, Mar 18, 2020.

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    I got this in reply to my request as to where the Meds are that were suppose to be mailed to me when I was at the Manila OPC on Feb. 28. If they would have shipped then the next business day I would have not been placed in this (sorry Ser. out ov stock) situation.:banghead:

    Dear Mr. B****,
    The VA Manila Regional Office and Outpatient Clinic is currently closed as a result of the Philippine Government’s Presidential Proclamation instituting ‘Enhanced Community Quarantines” due to COVID 19 pandemic.
    VA Manila is in the process of reviewing options that may be available for Veterans who need medication refills. Unfortunately, in addition to the VA Manila’s clinical staff being required to stay at home in compliance with the President’s orders, employees of the two private courier companies we use to deliver medications (Air21 and LBC) are also significantly reducing their operations.

    In the interim, if you urgently need outpatient medications, you may want to visit your private provider or a local pharmacy to see if you can purchase a 30-day supply on your own. VA’s Foreign Medical program can reimburse you the costs you pay for outpatient, service connected medications.

    We greatly appreciate your patience during this difficult time. Thanks for your message.
    Stay safe.

    So if you are a US Vet (like I am), dependent on the VA for your health care. Forget it we have all been abandon by the US government. The U.S. Veterans Health Care here is a FaKing JOKE! This one is for the U.S. V.A in the PI. :thumbsdown: Do I get pissed-off easily?
    Of corse I do it is a symptom of one of my service connected ailments.
    Forgive my ranting and raving it is just my contempt for the U.S. Government.
    LONG LIVE THE KING! :banghead:
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    Thanks for your service...did 20 years in the USAF, different times and different branch. Looks like post offices and other government services are just about all closed in the PI.

    I know it is not the point to your post but can you get your required meds locally? The message said you would be reimbursed later. I haven't dealt with the VA but Tricare can take forever.

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    FMP is worse than Tricare. At least Tricare will make a direct deposit into your account. FMP once they finish the claim, mails you a US check that the local bank will hold onto another 30 days.

    I did send an email to the VA Clinic Manager, and got a reply. They are acting on guidance from both the Philippines and our Embassy, mostly the Embassy. It was a better explanation for the decision to basically close down. I guess we will just have to make due until the middle of April.