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Biryani Point, Bacong

Discussion in 'Dining - Nightlife - Entertainment' started by Mark K, Nov 15, 2019.

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    I rarely write restaurant reviews. Only if a place is truly dreadful or massively exceeds my expectations can I be bothered.

    Biryani Point fits into the latter category. I went there last night because of a friend's recommendation and was more than pleasantly surprised.

    Don't be put off by the look of the place. It doesn't look like a place you'd want to eat at, and it certainly isn't going to win any awards for ambience (basically it has none), but if, like me, you're a fan of Indian food, you have to visit this place.

    I was brought up on Indian food in London and have visited India and other South Asian countries several times, so I know a good (and bad) curry when I find one. These were delicious and authentic. By no means the best Indian meal I've ever eaten, but considering where we are, it was fantastic.

    The owner (from South India) was friendly, welcoming and accommodating.

    They don't serve alcohol (Muslim) but the owner kindly allowed us to buy some beer from across the street and drink there.

    All-in-all, I was a very satisfied customer and I'll be returning frequenting. If you want some real Indian food I suggest you do too.

    If you're wondering where it is, it's almost directly opposite Octagon Sports Bar.
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