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Visa Question Can You Renew 13A in Cebu

Discussion in 'Passports and Visas' started by PatO, Oct 15, 2018.

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    Better to be safe than sorry is what I thought also. I read what is required on the Government Web Page, and went ahead having Tests done at the Hospital, downloading and filling in the Forms etc... It all got a bit too much for me, so I ended up going to speak to Rachel at Dreamland Travel Agency beside the Bureau of Immigration here in Dumaguete regards processing my 13a. She told me I did not need much of what I had gathered, and as it turned out, she was 100% correct, but I know my luck, had I gone there minus what was stated on the Government Web Page, I KNOW they would have asked for it, no two ways about it so I took it all with me just in case! "Peace of Mind" :wink:

    As it turned out; I had also downloaded out of date Forms from the PH Government Web Page which I had already filled in and had Notarized before approaching Rachel, which Rachel bought to my attention, and promptly downloaded the correct Forms and filled them in for me and had me sign them as well as signing authority for their Guy in Cebu to do all of the footwork on my behalf. Had I submitted those out of date Forms, I would have been back to square one.

    The following day Rachel contacted me to inform me that there had been a change in Office in Manila, and the name on the Form had changed, so I had to go back the day after having the new Forms filled in and Notarized, and do it all over again! Again; had I been doing it myself I would have been back to square one.

    Kudo's to the geniuses who have managed to do it themselves, but I know my luck and my limits in such matters, and was so very thankful to have someone with up to the minute knowledge help me through the process taking the unknown out of the equation for me to have the peace of mind knowing I was in good hands.

    The guy who charges to 'expedite' the Form lodging I am sure is now driving a Ferrari watching how he charges almost everyone who walks in the door the same fee to speed things up and I seriously doubt anything happened any faster than it otherwise would have had I not paid the fee apart from him shoving my forms under the counter for another month simply to punish me. :rolleyes:
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