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Couple new in Dumaguete

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by mademoisellemay, Dec 27, 2018.

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    I bought a used Honda Wave for that price 8 years ago and it is still running around today. I never had a problem with it while I had it. Just your standard maintenance.


    It will be an older model but there isn't much that can break on a Honda Wave, and anything that can break is cheap and easy to find/replace. Bikes in that price range will likely just need new tires, brakes and battery (optional if you don't want to kick start it).

    You certainly can. You don't have to be a resident to register a bike in your name. A sneaky gf/local might try to convince you otherwise so you would put it under their name.

    Take your deed of sale and registration in the previous owner's name to the LTO.

    Obviously it was hyperbole when I said throw it in the ocean. If the going rental rate is 5k/month buy one for 15k, put it up for sale for 10k with the stipulation that you will only sell it at a certain date and use it for the 3 months you are there. There are plenty of expats and locals around that wheel and deal on scooters/vehicles that will snatch that up in a hurry. You then just got your rental for 5k for 3 months.
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    Yeah, I agree about the "rent first" option, although twice before I have "bit the bullet" and purchased a bike for a short period. Of course it dont matter if you are willing to lose half the value in a resale. I suppose it depends on how rich you are LOL Take care