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DI newbie intro.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Aussie Diver, Nov 28, 2017.

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    G’day to all members here.....a lil bit about me..
    I’m a 51yo Aussie guy, who’s been living/retired here in the PI for the past 7 years....the past 5 yrs.have been @ Alona Beach, Panglao....prior to that I spent time in Sewerbic & AC.

    I only started scuba diving 5 years ago, and I took to it, like a duck to water.......it’s what keeps me sane........it’s also a hobby of mine taking underwater (amateur) pics.
    Diving is what’s kept me here @ Alona, all that time.......the diving really is special here. Aside from diving here, there’s not much else for me.
    Alona IMO has turned to poo now, with the Chinese & Koreans taking over the place........give it another 7 or 8 more months when the new airport opens & it’ll be turmoil here.

    I last dived at Dauin & Apo approx 3 years ago. I loved the diving there.
    I also got the feel of Dumaguete & surroundings, being chilled out kinda places.

    Sooooo, in saying all that, I’m researching on where my next move will be to.
    Ive learnt quite a bit on here, as I’ve been lurking the past few nights.
    I’ll keep reading & ask questions if I need to.

    Cheers for now :-)
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    Welcome! Sure must be nice to be able to retire at 44 years old. I have to agree with you on the diving at Alona and Apo. The Korean's are turning the Philippines their own little playground. I remember Boracay 20 years ago, now it sucks. Haven't been to Alona in over 7 years, but it sounds like it's gone the same way.
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