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Question Disagree Post Rating?

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & User Feedback' started by ShawnM, Mar 10, 2019.

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    It isn't that bad.

    A wiki without heavy moderation? I don't think the user base would be large enough to self moderate. And who is going to teach all these old codgers how to wiki? Move a button to a different location or change the color theme on a forum and you would think the world was about to end.

    Just thinking about a wiki I can hear the screams "but muh free speech!"

    I looked at adding this feature a long time ago, though the purpose was more to make the off-topic replies more manageable/easier to ignore. I really wanted something closer to Reddit but didn't have the coding skills and didn't want to drop several hundred/thousand dollars on a custom add-on.

    That wouldn't go over well. If people get bent out of shape about neutral dislikes that have no effect on their account I can't imagine the backlash for this suggestion. A lot of people seem to get really been out of shape when their content is moderated or even questioned (and it seems the older a person is the more likely this behavior will be there).

    Take note that users can self moderate. The negative rating issues by users can get the receiving user banned. 4 negative rating automatically hides posts, if a new user (or someone with under 500 posts) has a high enough negative:positive post rating ratio they will automatically be banned. If you go to the "Members" tab and look at the negative ratings you will see that almost all users with a lot of negative rating are banned (me being the exception lol). So this was all thought of in the past and some of it was implemented in some, albeit limited, fashion.

    It could be added to with the current post rating setup, you just have to be a bit creative with the settings, permissions and a bit of custom CSS. But I don't think there are enough active members to utilize the rating system to make any meaningful impact to the forum.
    Cough *Admin* Cough. :wink:

    Anyone who spends a few minutes looking through settings can become a moderator with one click. I put the option out there long ago, briefly mentioned it and forgot about it. To this day nobody has 1. found it or 2. wanted to do it.

    I tried something similar by bridging Xenforo and WordPress. Articles could be posted as threads, user accounts were linked and anyone could publish/edit, comments/posts were cross posted, etc. However, when I added the feature I decided it was time to go back to work and never finished setting it up.
    It is very easy to moderate/admin this forum. It was also very easy to operate it when I was doing that. The struggle was coming into it knowing absolutely nothing about operating a website or moderating a forum.

    Also, "not well paid". Don't give the illusion to anyone that I've been given a centavo since I turned over the keys to the forum. Not that I'm asking, expect it or would even accept it if offered. :wink:

    I'm not sure how long I will be paid well to be bored out of my gord. I'm hoping to get a life eventually, maybe soon.
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