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KEY Thread Driving in the Philippines and Dumaguete

Discussion in 'Dumaguete City' started by Rye83, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. sandycreekg

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    I have been liveing and driveing here for about 16 months now and comeing from the wide open spces of Australia it was quite a lot of adjustment...........yes it is crazy driveing here like most asian countries but I have accepted that and really take my time and be aware of the lunatics both local and foreign...............I drive down from Liptong/Valencia a couple of times a week for shopping and eating out in resturants and usually find a shade park in Robinsons to prk my little suzuki van and catch a motor taxi into town if need to go into town and as a few people have mentioned here is that no amount of complaining will change the attitudes and conditions...........so I guess it is either adapt and accept or go back where we come from.
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  2. Miguel

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    Recommend You drive up West side of Cebu island from Bato to Moalboal to Barili to Carcar. Less traffic and nice scenery. In Carcar You hit the madness of South Road and gets only worse closer to City. You may think SRP faster but lately every time there's accident(s) and total stop. BTW Talisay is a city.

    I always ride bike to ciudad. Faster and more fun than any bus :cool:
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  3. Dave_Hounddriver

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    Thanks for the tip.
    {As to Talisay being a city. Totally agree, as is Mandaue and a lot of others but
    Metro Cebu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    That site will show you all the cities that are part of Metro Cebu.)
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  4. robert k

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    It's no secret. Might makes right. Same rules the world over. If you get squashed like a bug in the US you or your family get more in compensation is all after the lawsuit. I'd rather not be squashed to begin with. Especially since they might not have anything to sue them for.
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  5. Dave & Imp

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    Actually I do not mind traveling behind the Ceres Liner on my motorcycle, I use them like you would a "guard" if you were a quarterback in American football, as a blocker for other vehicles. No one is going to drive through a Ceres Liner to hit me on a motorcycle. The buses generally travel well down the road in the open areas, the only problem being their many stops, and multiple times they end stopping, passing me again, then stopping again when on a trip. I would prefer them in front of me, than behind me.
    When making a left turn I many times stay on the buses right sides, as they will certainly use the unwritten rule (the biggest vehicle gets the right-of-way) and give me a cleaner and saver path on making a sweeping left turn. I do not do this while driving in a fantasy world of thoughts as you never know what some other driver will come up with as a new driving technique here, I stay very alert. I do not look at the pretty ladies along the road, and I generally do not even talk while on the motorcycle... all my attention is on the road, but I do use other vehicles as "blockers" to maneuver my way through traffic here.
    Regarding "blocking" or "clearing" vehicles... watch the next ambulance that passes you and notice how many motorcycle drivers jump right behind him so he can clear the road for them with his siren and lights on ... very common practice here.

    Drive carefully and wisely.
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  6. tlrtraveler

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    Dave, I ride in Cebu/Lapu2 frequently and I STRONGLY recommend wearing your helmet or you will surly meet members of law enforcement that will have multiple pricing for the "instant fines"
  7. Bruce

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    Personally I would consider when riding a motor cycle the chances meeting an accident in Dumaguete are very high. Having ridden a number of years in Cebu, Bacolod and various other cities here I find Dumaguete the most unpredictable. Sheer volume of motors, trikes and cars is just to much for the city. One blessing is one can escape in a reasonable time unlike larger cities.
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  8. johncarson

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    Why do they drive like that? How many times have you been asked or asked yourself? I recently came upon a secret manual that answers this question. Please pay attention.

    Basic rules of driving in the Philippines.

    1. Drive as if you’re the only person on the road (because you are).

    2. Drive as if you own the road (which you do).

    3. Drive however fast or slow you want any time, anywhere.

    4. Park wherever you feel like parking, preferably as close to the middle of the road as possible. You may use your emergency flashing lights to show others that you’re blocking traffic, but don’t worry if you don’t have them or don’t want to use them.

    5. Don’t use lights when driving at night. They waste electricity.

    6. Pass anyone any time you wish. If you’re barreling down the road in the opposite lane, you may wish to flash your headlights to warn others to get out of your way.

    7. If you have mirrors, especially on bikes, remove them before someone steals them. They’re worthless anyway. Who wants to see what’s coming up behind or beside you?

    8. Driving is a good time to get caught up on text messages or facebook.

    9. Don’t bother licensing yourself or your vehicle. Make a simple u-turn if you see a check point.

    10. Don’t waste money servicing your vehicle. It will service itself.
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  9. clout

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    Sad but all of the above is true.
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  10. rondal

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    Driving in dumaguete is not so difficult....Just be always patient and push a bit.....mostly the other drivers acting like the people of dumaguete suppose to be....gentle people......Btw motorbike is 100 times more dangerous then using a car......
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