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Discussion in 'Dining - Nightlife - Entertainment' started by Happy Camper, Nov 6, 2020.

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    Correction D Don Chef. Anyway it is still good.

    New place took over the old location of KRI. Wife and I went there today.

    Wine is not on the beverage list, but was pleased to find they do have it and it isn't bad, Woodbridge either a Merlot or Cabernet. Also have a White, but don't know the brand.

    We ordered an array, chicken wings, mac and cheese, baby back ribs with fries, and a bowl of Batangas Bulalo. Chicken wings were good, come with either a peri peri or blue cheese sauce on the side. Mac and cheese was also good but just a little sweet. Asked the owner about it and he said it is made with the children in mind and he adds cream cheese. Ribs and fries, great. Ribs were actually a rack, not one big rib, they pulled apart and very tender. The fries were not greasy, nice and crispy. The soup, if you like some spice, it is good. Wife enjoyed it, the beef inside was very tender, next time she will get the other one, less spicy.

    They have an all around menu, and the prices are very reasonable. We will definitely being going back.

    Bon Apetit'.
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    My asawa had a bite for lunch there and (after calling me) brought home baby ribs with fries and chicken satay. Very pleased with the quality and quantity of the satay. Very generous lumps of moist and tender chicken meat: no fat, no grizzle. Excellent satay sauce to go with it, nice and a bit spicy. Fellow Dutch: get your sate ajam there. Ribs for tomorrow....
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