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Balikbayan Visa extending beyond one year

Discussion in 'Passports and Visas' started by David Keith, Jan 4, 2019.

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    It does - IF they grant it. Usually they do but I know of a member here who did not ask quickly enough (or, actually, his wife did not) and before he could say "Thanks Sir for availing me of the privilege of a Balikbayan so I can remain one year in your marvellous country where I know it is more fun (than???)" his passport was stamped with a Tourist Visa!

    Also, of course, how we ask is very important - "Please Sir, may my husband have a Balikbayan privilege please" (see the double "please"!) is probably going to get a better result than "Hey mate, stamp me a Balikbayan and be quick about it".
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    You and your wife can use either USA or her Philippine passport. It makes no difference as long as USA passport shows her birthplace as Philippines. In sticky cases you might have to show birth certificate and/or marriage certificate but that had never happened to us for the 30 years we used to visit here before getting SRRV.

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