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Healthcare Best Posts in Thread: F.M.P. Reimbursement

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    We finely got the first reimbursement check from the FMP for a trip to SUMC ER for March 26 2019. Took 5 months to the day. The check was mailed from Manila 3 weeks before it got here in my house. They did reimburse the full amount but did not pay any interest for the money they borrowed from me for 5 months. I will let you know the results of the next 6 clams related to the 6 weeks involving my coronary nightmare, last April and May.
    I am not holding my breath.
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    The 'technique' I used for cashing my FMP check was:
    - Had it mailed to a US address (I keep a US address with a mail forwarding company TravelingMailbox.com for more info)
    -When they emailed me notification of a letter from the VA I had them open and scan both sides of the check, which is made available in my secure account with them.
    -I printed the check and signed it, For Deposit Only and my Bank of America account number (I keep US accounts to make issues like this easier)
    -I used the Bank of America App's electronic check deposit option, you scan the check, front and back with the phone camera and the bank accepts it as if you were at a bank. I think 24 hours or so and it was clear to use.
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