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Event Fiesta in Dumaguete!

Discussion in 'Dumaguete City' started by Glendazumba, Nov 4, 2019.

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    So you think that after the city's celebration of Silliman's Founders' Day, Buglasan, then Halloween you can now breathe some peaceful air? Nope. Brace yourself for yet another event that will ruffle the peace of Dumaguete for some days. November 24 is a date to mark for people of Dumaguete for it is its charter day or what they call the PISTA or fiesta of the city. The boulevard area will be filled with food booths and a stage will be set up there for a number of programs. A street parade, beauty competition and other events should make the celebration fun and memorable.

    I know that there is a downside to these series of celebrations but it is just how this country survives----lol. People get to eat free food on fiestas. Yay!

    Welcome to the Philippines!
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