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Utilities & Mobile Fil Products, Globe or ??

Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by davewe, Sep 7, 2018.

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    My Fil-Products review: I am in Balugo, Valencia, just moved into a new (to me) house. I would prefer PLDT - I had wired PLDT about 7 years ago and was pretty happy with them, but they have no availability at the moment in my area. So I went with Fil-Products, as the only other reasonable option was Globe and they were horrible when I had them 7 years ago. They are fine for phone, but in my experience, useless for internet.

    So, Fil-Products - I am paying for basic cable (not using it yet - no TV) and "up to 8 mps" internet. When they are up, it's fair. Far from "great", but usuable. I typically get about 5 mps. I get up to 8 mps during low-use times. Now, if "8 mps" is your advertising factor, I think you should provide minimum of 6 mps and average of at least 7. This they have failed to do. So that "8 mps" might as well be 100 mps" - purely imaginary.

    Next, reliability - in less than two months of usage, there have been 3 outages, ranging from 4 to 12 hours. I don't consider a brief disconnection an "outage" - although it can be a problem - try playing 5 minute chess games online with Globe - you will lose half your games due to disconnections! But 4-12 hours is pretty significant. And one every two weeks on average is too many. So I would rate the service, based on these two factors, about a 5 out of 10. Slower than it should be, and while way better than Globe, it's not as reliable as I think it should be.

    But there is one other factor - customer service. First loss of connection, I tried every number I could find for Fil Products to report the outage. I think it was 5. All but one were no answer or did not even connect. 1 got an automated response that put me on hold. So, since I was going to town anyway, I went by their office. Among other things, they gave me a number I could call or text to get right to the service dept. Next outage, I used that number. No answer, no response to text. So I went by the office again. They gave me another number that will "definitely be answered, or return text." Today I tried that number when, at 8:30 AM, my internet had been down for 4 hours. No reply. So I drove to their office again. I now have a third number, not on their literature, that is suppose to allow me to report outages. So, Customer Service rating - on a 1-10 scale, I would give it a big fat 0.

    Whenever PLDT has availability in my area, I will pay the P2000 to get out of my contract with Fil-Products, and switch to them. Until then, FP is the best I can get - which ain't saying much!
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    Fil-Products uses Globe or PLDT for their infrastructure. Globe and PLDT own all the connections coming into the country (unless it's satellite.) These other services just bundle their own services on top. So, you might still get a crap Globe connection, but maybe the customer service will be better (or worse.)

    I'm not a guru on this industry, so maybe Fil-Products actually owns some of the "last mile" infrastructure. Or maybe it's just a repackaged Globe connection?

    I believe Air Links does something like this. They just blast a PLDT connection from wireless towers.
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    This is my normal 10Mbps Sky connection for P1,399

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    TheDude is right the Fil-Products is bundled on top of PLDT or Globe, and as you say PLDT is not available at the moment in Valencia - because it is fully allocated.
    Now I'm no expert but I figure if you have someone bundle on top of a fully allocated network you're going to get second rate service. Not many people would want to be in their customer service department.
    You could enquire with Globe at the earliest so that you can avail their service as I'm told they have 10-20 Mbps. Let us know how you go.
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    That usually is not the case. Google does this with their worldwide Fi network and it is usually just as good or better than the networks they are buying the bandwidth from. Another benefit is that they can switch to different networks if one is slower than the other.
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