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Foreigners may need a visa before entering the philippines

Discussion in 'News and Weather' started by DavyL200, Aug 10, 2019.

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    The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has recommended to the Department of Justice (DOJ) a non-extendable 30-day validity for visas issued to foreign nationals upon their arrival in the Philippines.

    Bureau spokesperson Dana Sandoval said the BI has submitted its position to Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra after its operations team reviewed "possible weak points" of the visa upon arrival (VUA) policy

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    Without seeing the bill, it is not possible to know the impact of this change. At worst, it could mean
    that no tourist could stay longer than 30 days period. They want long term stayers to go home, like the recent Thailand crackdown. That would send a lot of people here packing, who have been here a long time and depend on the very friendly policy of 36 total months extensions as “tourists”. But as for normal tourism itself, that is not such a big impact since most tourists would not plan to stay that long anyway. At best it could mean the pre-arrival visa is available for long term stayers and there may already be such a program in place for countries that do not have VOA here. I am not sure what they call that visa but in the US that is called a 6 month visitor visa and costs whatever amount the host country charges US citizens for visa’s into their countries. Anyway, it is understandable, the concern, and there is unnecessary all because the rumored bill is not available for inspection. And the bill might not impact the 1 year balikbayan visa since that is a special case a little beyond the realm of the BI.

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    That might anger Duterte since the Chinese are his love children