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found good health insurance

Discussion in 'Expat Section' started by filmguy, Apr 17, 2019.

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    “Do your homework”. That sounds like old age virtue signaling, remembering how the nuns in elementary school used to admonish their pupils :-). Don’t worry, anybody who is responsible enough to be concerned about it has done their homework. Those who have not made plans either shouldn’t be here or don’t mind living a shortened lifespan. Personally, for major issues I wouldn’t even consider significant treatment performed in Dumaguete. Like everyone else, emergency treatment would have to be performed here but that $250K coverage is not needed for that. Self-insurance will suffice for the emergency room and stabilization. And if I can make a flight to Manila, in just 13 more hours I can make it To California and get the best healthcare in the world using Medicare B and medigap. I may be retired here 90% of each year but my doctor and all my records are in the US. Still, it might not be bad to part with the 4K just in case; however I really prefer to have the big things and even some preventative things like coloscopy done in the US. You can say what you want about how great the Cebu and Manila Hospital’s are, in the great majority of cases you can stabilize your condition here and go to the US or wherever your home country is and get first world treatment. I do not believe the hospital in Guam is a good alternative.

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