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Fruit Tree Seedlings

Discussion in 'Horticulture' started by PangitPilot, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. PangitPilot

    PangitPilot DI Forum Adept

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    I am looking for seedling Fruit Trees, pretty much anything Citrus I can get that will grow.

    I have heard of a place "somewhere" up Amlan way, but to date have not been able to find anything ..

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks
  2. DELETED-shotshapers

    DELETED-shotshapers Guest Guest User

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    Hello there

    I live in Amlan (out of the country for a few months though), and i was looking for exactly the same as you, only thing was the nursery out the highway from dgte and before sibulan on the right hand side

    i bought a few things from the nursery

    this is what i did, i travel regularly to china, so i would source most of the seeds i wanted there, from the wet markets, i would get my banana plants from the university farm in NORSU, go to the gate of the uni itself tell the guard you want to buy banana plants and he will take you there, its where the agri students work on several strains of bananas, I have had lots of success growing the bananas

    now on the road next to Rizal park in DGTE (very close to the back entrance to tops and bottoms) heading towards the boulevard, there you will find some ladies selling some citrus seedlings, beware of them (BE SURE TO ASK IF THEY ARE DWARF SEEDLINGS THEY SELL)

    I would also buy some of the exotic seeds from ebay ( thailand, cambodia etc ) and some of them worked out nicely too for me, lots of different fruits, will take a few years to produce but are all good and strong (have the XO brand of durian ) and others not native to the area

    could also go to the wet market in dgte and source the seeds there too, just buy the fruit and hey presto (but i would suggest you buy the seeds from ebay from actual farmers of the treated fruit trees (less prone to disease and drought)

    just my tuppence worth

    but to answer your initial question.................there is no such nursery/store up Amlan way

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  3. blueskies

    blueskies DI Forum Adept

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    Gorgeous Valencia Negros Oriental
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    In Valencia town every Sunday Flea Market(Valencia Plaza)from 6am till noon you can find good fruit trees from 40pesos-250pesos. And if you like to roam around the town you can find cheaper fruit trees, the Valencia Department of Agriculture also can help you for more resources. And "Gloria Farm"-300meter from town plaza sells a good variety but pricey.

    I bought most of my fruit trees in Apolong-a village after the Forest Camp they have more varieties and very good price.
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  4. Cletus

    Cletus DI Forum Adept Showcase Reviewer

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    NORSU at Pamplona is an agriculture realted school. We were there about two months ago and they had all kinds of seedlings, mostly fruit I believe as well as seed they had produced. They also had fresh veggies and fresh fruit for sale they had grown in their fields. The corn had been husked and I asked for corn with the husks still on, they picked it for me right there. Talk about fresh, it was awesome......now if I can just find my teeth.

    They were also growing fish but I didn't check into that.
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  5. tomtorific

    tomtorific DI Senior Member

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    Try looking in the water glass on the night stand next to the bed :smile:
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