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Read Me "General Chat" Forum Renamed to "Off-Topic Forum"

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Rye83, Oct 9, 2016.

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    Seems there is a LOT of confusion on what the General Chat forum is/was supposed to be used for....and the description for that forum wasn't helping anything out. It is now called "Off-Topic Forum" and will be moved to the bottom of the forum list page. Discussions started here should have absolutely nothing to do with Dumaguete or fit into any of the other forum's categories.

    If the discussion is about Dumaguete post it in the Dumaguete City forum, if it concerns Expats post it in the Expat Section forum, if you are looking for a specific business/service/product post it in the Businesses - Services - Products forum, etc. If it could fit in more than one category don't hurt yourself thinking about it and just use your best judgement. It's not a huge deal - and my fault for not making sure things were posted/moved to the right area - but posting everything in the general chat makes it extremely difficult for people to find what they are looking for and cleaning it up is extremely time consuming (and boring AF!)....and probably doesn't help much with SEO/adsense bot indexing.

    I've moved around 30 posts in just the first 3 pages.....148 pages - over 2,100 threads - left to go. I'm sure I'll get bored and give up long before I get anywhere close to the oldest thread in that forum though.

    I beg you to please post threads in their topic-related forum!
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