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Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by Kilam63, Jun 14, 2024.

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    I have granite countertops in my kitchen which require some maintenance, does anyone have contact information for an experianced polisher in the area?
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    I am not aware of your countertops so please do not take this an insult! But are you sure they are pure granite as most granite and marble countertops are aggregates.

    If so, would polishing take off the surface? I bought aggregate-type granite (which here they pronounce "gran-ite" and not "gran-it"- so maybe we are wrong) and was then horrified to see the cost of sealing compound (the previous 'granite' çountertops were left by the previous owner in a horribly stained manner far around the cooker - oil splashes, of course). Instead we bought rolls of self-adhesive clear plastic and covered much of the countertop (especially near the cooker) to stop staining - aesthetically not the same as without plastic, of course, but I believe in function over looks (see my profile pc!). The downside is that some oil did get through the plastic and melted it and now that oil is inaccessible for cleaning! And oil soaks in very well and likes to stay put (sodium bicarb is good if you can reach the stain and do it soon after it occurs - as is using a glass-type scraper). The problem should have been avoided as I also bought foil guards to put around the cooker top but my wife stopped using them (too much hassle to spend a minute I guess) and then also stopped using them when I placed them next to the cooker over the plastic-coated countertop.

    Perhaps it is a Filipino trait to "not be bothered" as I have heard stories about other Filipinas that match my own experiences.