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Growing banana from seed

Discussion in 'Horticulture' started by ShawnM, Jul 15, 2019.

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    Never heard of these, so for those who are also unaware: "African Night Crawlers are native [to] the warm regions of West Africa, but now vermicomposters in tropic and sub tropic climates all over the world are using them as composting and bait worms. Due to their voracious appetites and ability to quickly reproduce African night crawlers are quickly gaining popularity with vermicomposters."


    So I assume they are selling the worms for use at home?

    Any experiencing of natural soil-based worms in the Philippines? I have dug the soil here very little but have yet to see any. I did, however, find this interesting information: "A staggeringly beautiful landscape that took thousands of years to build in the Cordillera mountains of the Philippines is being devastated by giant earthworms.

    The Banaue rice terraces are one of the world's finest examples of their kind, and a Unesco world heritage site."

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    green farms uses african night crawlers and sells them by the kilo, i forget, maybe p300/k. they were also available online from olx venders. i got my 1st worms from the ag dept in daro but it wasn't easy (red tape). the ag dept uses worms to compost it's manure.

    best manure compost critters i've had are black solder flies (bsf):
    our chickens roosted in a shelter at nite, the ground under them was dusted with rice hulls. every morning i raked up the poop, mixed with the rice hulls, and dumped it into a 1.5 deep, earth bottomed, roofed over pit habited by bsf. the pit ''boiled'' as the grubs devoured the new poop. the 2 compartment pit was divided with 1/2'' hwd cloth and when one side of the pit was full, i dumped new poop on the other side and the grubs moved into it on their own. no smell and the chickens and toads harvested the mature grubs that escaped the pit, hardly ever saw a fly.

    bsf are native here and can easily be lured into a composter with fruit.

    i've seen several species of worms in the soil, some fast moving, some slow. they like soil with high organic matter and you can attract them by mulching.
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