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  1. barryrio

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    I have had a couple of bikes over the years from Drei, including a BMW R1150GS. He is a nice guy but can sometimes let things slide if you don't keep things going with gentle reminders. However, I have bought a Fazer 1000, a VStrom 1000 and a Yamaha Super Tenere 1200, all new, from Phil (Pipoy) Ang at Caloocan Sales in Manila. Dealing with Phil is a first-world experience, from delivery, through registration and after sales service. Sadly my big bike days are over but he is the only guy I would go to if ever I were to go back to riding. He has a showroom in Makati, a wide range of contacts for people buying and selling and all his bikes, while not the cheapest in town, all come with all taxes and import duties settled correctly. Always my first choice.
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  2. Dave_Hounddriver

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    Sounds like the go-to guy for this. Maybe he could buy the ops bike at a "private auction" for cheap and then bring it over and sell it back to the op for a reasonable markup? Same result, different method? But this being Philippines there is probably a reason why this simple solution will not work.
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  3. gerry_bc

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    Sell it at home and buy a brand new one here from an Authorized HD dealer if you can afford to. The import rules change monthly and regardless of what many say chances are you will get raped at customs or even worse it will vanish from the port.
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  4. DELETED-shotshapers

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    Sell it, and buy one here ( they can be got here), don't get me started on whats before you to bring it , you will have bought it 3-4 times over, by the time you get it here, then there is the worry, the drama, endless paperwork and still no guarantee you can drive it here
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  5. Brian Oinks

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    Caloocan Sales
    340-342 Rizal Ave. Ext. Bet. 7th & 8th Ave. Cal. City
    3643652 / 3647967 / 3657274 / 3640982

    Caloocan Sales Center Inc.

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