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Discussion in 'DI Front End Pages' started by Randyb, Apr 5, 2023.

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    I don't know.
    I'm unsure if this would apply to you directly? but so many Foreigners arrive there in PH with the expectation that people there would have a good knowledge of their own particular job, (I know I did when I first arrived) when the reality of it is the complete opposite? of course there must be a few that have a bit more knowledge than the rest, but I have found them to be so rare that they could feature in a TV nature programme, in fact I never did find one at all!

    Likely the cause of this being the lack of formal training available there and even when it is? I would doubt if it would be up to the standard of the western world?

    I would imagine a Car Mechanic there, although he may be able to repair a car it would be unlikely that he would be able to describe the 4 stroke cycle of a combustion engine? Now having worked alongside so many of the construction trades to have my house built there I was to find they had so little knowledge of their respective trades, when I did get a few professionals in that were not just general building labourers, the likes of Window Fitters, Plumbers for my water pressure system and an Electrician to wire up the house, I was shocked to find out they knew so little of their own trades and all of them needed advice from me at some point and when it happened I was to know better than them it had to have been very simple.

    I should add the worst of examples I did observe was the building of the house next door to me, This was a Danish guy who was the owner and in just about everything that was done went wrong and much of this was done twice, this was a major contributory factor to his marriage break up, now his house has been lying empty for the last 18months, I do believe it is up for sale or soon will be?

    This would be the perfect opportunity for anyone to move to a great location with the added advantage of living next door to a Scotsman, it does not come any better than that?
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