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How gas stations cope with competition?

Discussion in 'Dumaguete City' started by butitor, Feb 9, 2016.

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    A string of 6 gas stations stretching from VAP gas station in Bagacay cor Jose Romero road (the road going to Valencia) to Phoenix in Real street near the bridge. Also, along the stretch of Sibulan all the way near the airport there seems to have funny number of petrol stations that Im beginning to think this metro is a city of gasoline stations (per area). Some stations are not even lucky enough to have frequent visits, I mean do they even get a day's worth of margins to pay off its staff? I bet real estate plays a big role here even possible close down but the fact that a property has been a gas station before definitely it has something to do leveraging the land market price.
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    It is getting a bit ridiculous. I was surprised by one gas station being outdone. The one that was catercorner to Robinsons mall on the highway. Seems like it would have catered to motorists going in all directions and certainly was on a very busy section of the national highway. :o o:

    Side note: I just learned how to spell "catercorner" (thanks spell-check :thumbsup:)......that is certainly not how I have ever heard it pronounced.
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    I've wondered for sometime why that gas station at across from robinsons on the corner has been closed for so many years. I have even suspected the city, traffic enforcers, and LTO of maybe forcing it closed as it also could be a congestion area in a place already suffering enough congestion. Before they made it hard to skirt through when it was already closed people would use it as a shortcut around corners so often almost causing accidents constantly.
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