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How to not do business

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by charlyB, Sep 19, 2023.

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    I think there must be a college course here on how to p*ss off potential customers.
    Many times i have filled out a website contact form with contact details and a brief description of why i am contacting them and if i am lucky and thats a big IF i might get a response asking all the things i have just told them in the contact form.
    I think the course might be in the same department as standing talking in stupid places (stairways,doorways,elevator entrances), parking in stupid places, driving as if you are the only cvnt in the world, shouting into a phone in public places.
    This might sound as if i am not happy here and should fvck off back where i came from but i am happy here, this is just an observation.
    I have often tried to give advice to people here and 99% of the time i get the same response, we always do it this way. end of story rant zzzzzzzz

    Note to forum admin, my post will not go through unless i choose a prefix (WHY) but none of the prefixes seem suitable for this subject so i have just picked one at random.
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    The Prefix is in the form of another thread (off Topic) I to have posted threads where the prefix is not the best fit, but that's how the owner set it up! Cheers!