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I am moving, Apartment up for grabs

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by PangitPilot, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. PangitPilot

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    I am moving out of my apartment in one week. it is a two story, 2/3 beds upstairs, large master bedroom, one maids down stairs, carport. located in Bantayan, on cul-de-sac (not a through road), 5 minutes walk to silliman beach. good smart bro internet service we also had most providors over the years. we are leaving because we just out grew it

    landlord is retired filam, lives next door, we never had a problem with him, nice guy.

    contact landlod direct his name is Rene on 0917 700 2039. i think he is going to ask 14k but make your own deal.

    ask all questions of landlord, please, not me, i am just helping him out by putting it out there to interested parties

    Good Luck
  2. rechel

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    hi. thank for the info
    as the forum rules we not allow this kind of post.. but yes i will try to contact your landlord maybe he is interested to advertise with us.
    like your interest to help your landlord.
    but Dumagueteinfo have rules and options how to advertise.