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    Hi, Jerseygirl. Finding Prince in Tanjay is easy. Simply get on the main road north (the one that goes past the airport) and travel about 33km (measured from centre of Duma), and Prince will be on the right, right in the middle of Tanjay city. You can almost always park on the forecourt. Yes, food, all kinds of household goods including beds, bookcases, limited range of Tvs, washing machines, no fresh fruit or veg, limited range of meats, cosmetics, alcohol, not really a range of 'international' products, and bulk? Well I tend to buy 3 milks, 2 butters, 3 applejuices... Is that bulk? But not bulk, like in your Costco... And very helpful staff, and lots of them. And just around the corner is a huge wet and dry market complex. Hope this is useful to you...
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    yes i shop there as well - its like a costco/target great household items, speakers, furniture even and a decent grocery selection - i live in Bais and there is actually supposed to be one coming here soon too - overall i think great place to shop - just be prepared for lines as it does get busy at times - and the nearby market mentioned is fine just dont go to the nearby -fuel tank area with all the bars etc - dangerous - ive had an unfortunate incident occur there - but good luck - :smile:
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