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It's a harsh life

Discussion in 'Expat Section' started by ThatNewGuy, Jan 10, 2020.

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    I have this place selling veggies that I regularly use in Dumaguete.
    It's a shack like most others.

    They always have stray dogs and sometimes cats.

    Today I heard a kitten crying for help, I responded and he came out after some time.

    His face and ears was full of infections and fungi. I fed him some sardines that I had bought and told him I will come back.

    After instructing the veggie seller to give him a bowl of water, I went to buy some remedies and soap/gloves.

    He was sleeping when I returned, must have been full of sardines.

    I put on disposable nitrile gloves and prepared the Safeguard. Unscrewed the fungus balm and started to clean him.

    No cat likes water they say, so to no surprise he tried to resist. I changed grip to the neck skin as their mothers do and he calmed down.

    Oh my god, his ears was packed with this thick dry layer, inside and out. Around his nose and eyes.

    After Safeguard I started rubbing in the balm, he now started to purrr. I think being touched and me massaging and scrubbing off this layer on the skin made him feel loved.

    He seems like a nice little guy and I would take him in if it was not for my landlord.

    I am going to follow him up with applying more balm and feed him, but is there anyone in here that has room for him in their lives?

    Here is two photos of him, one before my treatment and the other after.

    Thanks for reading

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    And so do you.
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