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Cebu Kawasan falls. Badian. Cebu

Discussion in 'Surrounding Areas' started by DavyL200, Jul 20, 2018.

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    Agree it's a f*cking tourist trap, same time I like the waterfalls and swim in the pool. Visit there with friends and decide would not let it spoil our day that we need pay for table and chair to sit down and if I remember right it was everything you need to pay for, even go cr. When we arrive some guys try to tell us you need a guide or you can find up there lol. I have been there enjoying the day with friends, don't go back again, hate that attitude, but been here long enough to ignore and don't let them spoil my day.
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    Kawasan is disgusting nowadays. Four or five years back is was gorgeous - now not so much. They actually have karaoke playing at the falls area. There was also a problem with the canyoneering - politics and greed have ruined it and you can't do the whole run anymore.

    Thankfully, we discovered Aguinid Falls later that day. Aguinid is south of Kawasan and is absolutely stunning. It's a series of waterfalls that you wade, walk and climb through over the course of a few kilometers. Super nice adventure!!

    Here's a comprehensive blog entry someone wrote up on Aguinid.

    Aguinid Falls: A Stunning Mystical Natural Wonder in Samboan
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