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Discussion in 'Dining - Nightlife - Entertainment' started by charlyB, Oct 6, 2023.

  1. charlyB

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    I had heard a lot of good things about La Mensa so we gave it a try for lunch, i wanted a steak but was told steak is only on the evening menu so i settled for a chicken dish.
    The food we had was very good and the service was also good so we decided to go back one evening so i could try a steak.
    Back we went and i had a New York steak which was like a sirloin, it was ok, not the best i ever had but good enough, then came the funny part, i asked for a tiramisu and was told it's only on the daytime menu, i was looking for the hidden cameras but no she was serious.
    As we live outside the city and i find driving at night sometimes too exciting we don't venture out much at night except for special events, i am afraid to say La Mensa won't make it onto our events list unless they change the menu restrictions.
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  2. Dutchie

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    We tried the place a while ago, and while the food was pretty much ok, I wasn't impressed with the " value for money" aspect.
    Overpriced. And yeah, the two different menus thing doesn't help.
    Also, some tables have better chairs than others. We were unlucky and had lowish chairs relative to the height of the table. Doesn't help the experience.
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  3. Notmyrealname

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    La Mensa is certainly very expensive - especially if you like steaks or your asawang does.

    We had to take our dog and so sat outdoors - that dining area is very pleasant but not immediately next to the indoor part and the tables had no shelter, so in the event of rain it would be necessary to rush indoors carrying all your food and drink a distance of about 10 metres. With about 30 or more people outdoors, there would not be much individual help from staff and when all the food and drink (plus people) gets indoors (after perhaps 2 or 3 trips) everything will all be quite wet (and so diluted, although I am not sure what a diluted person would look like).

    I understand that not having some form of cover makes outdoor dining more enjoyable as you can see the vegetation and gaze at the stars! But I hope it is not a cost-saving measure as with those prices they could easily afford it.
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