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Passport Question leaving with dual citizen children

Discussion in 'Passports and Visas' started by Darran_Stanners, May 14, 2019.

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    I did it also but had to have a notarized letter from the mother saying it was ok...
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    Recently I travelled to Macau/Hong Kong with my partner and her child (same last name). My partner is a single parent. Both had brand new, first time issued Filipino passports issued here in Dumaguete the month before we left. We were leaving together through Cebu and we were somewhat surprised when the immigration officer wanted my partner (who is a little more mature and dresses more conservative than most) was asked to prove our relationship with photos dating back over years. Satisfied with that she moved onto my partner's daughter and wanted a birth certificate, which we did not have - but luckily my partner had photos dating back over 8 years of birthdays where my partner was often in the frame. From surprise my reaction turned to anger particularly when in each case the officer grabbed the phone and started scrolling the photos of my partner.

    I understand the issue of human trafficking but felt the officer was hugely out of line but said nothing due to the power perspective. It is what it is and we got through to travel on our holiday. Next time we will be a little more prepared but be forewarned and prepare for the interrogation.
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    It used to be a DWSD requirement but I think that has since changed but it is best to ask first. I heard of someone years ago who got stuck at the airport in Manila with two kids and their mother was with him just because he didn't have approval from DSWD and didn't have the father's death certificate with him.