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Bacong Best Posts in Thread: Lets take a realistic look

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    Neutered is the way to go, but I know it will not solve the problem, as someone said before the problem is created by humans and must be solved by humans and like the pollution, it will take decades before that will happen. I have not come to the Philippines to tell people how to live their lives so no matter how wrong I find it, I need to accept it or find another place to live. I try to contribute in small ways by talking to the locals, yes it's a long way to go, we need to accept it or? The way the vet make a dog "sleep" is very different than the way they die when poisoned that's for sure
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    You are wrong and right. I would NEVER condone or defend the poisoning of any animal including humans on death row! Veterinarians and dog shelters put dogs to (sleep?) Sleep my a$$ they KILL then with POISON by the thousands every day. THEY POISON them because it is considered the most humane way to KILL them!
    You are right; I do not see a better option. The person that did that in Bacong is no doubt very pissed at the stray dog problem and ignorant to the dangers they placed the citizens of Bacong in. Turning poison loss in the environment like the equivalent to turning aids loss in a Nevada wwhore house.
    Just FYI I had difficulty taking those photos because I have trouble seeing through tears. I can not imagine the suffering those two dog went through and are going through.
    How about you and I pool out pesos and open a dog shelter and try to rid this Island of its stray dog population.

    My 2 centavos
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