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Life Beyond The Sea

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    Life Beyond The Sea

    LifeBeyondTheSea - Philippines - YouTube

    Ever thought of going away to live on a tropical island? I did, so I left everything and moved to the Philippines!

    I moved here in July of 2012 out of a deep desire to live my life the way I want, something fresh and new. While it was the influence of a beautiful Filipina that got me started on this journey, I'm here because of more than just a desire for romance. I'm finally in a place where I can: Live an adventure every day of my life, devote my time to writing both fiction and nonfiction and share my adventure with you!

    "Philippine videos from an American Ex-pat." I'm an American in the Philippines. I like to share my life and experiences via this YouTube channel and my blog, Life Beyond The Sea.com - Philippines - One man's journey into paradise. Here you'll find short documentary videos of the Central Visayas area; personal musings, my video diary, a bit of advice regarding dating for foreigners and Filipinas who wish to meet foreigners; and much, much more.

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