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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by koolaukid, Dec 15, 2019.

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    Sorry for not responding earlier. I don't get notified when a response is posted to this thread, not sure why. Anyway, I thought a CRF would be more flexible in terms of exploring places the Nmax wouldn't be able to get to. My primary objection with the Nmax is with the hard suspension, even with aftermarket shocks the bike rides rough. I'm not a big guy and even with the Gf on the back we only total about 100 kg. So my landlord liked the Nmax, I've got a top box and the shocks mounted, he agreed to buy the bike for a good price. So the next day I went down and bought a CRF. On the way home the GF said she didn't like the seat, it's too thin and too hard for traveling which is something I plan to do with the bike. So we rode the CRF a few more times and ultimately decided to keep both. The Nmax for trips, with the top box it has substantial carrying capability and the CRF will be my toy for solo trips and general riding/exploring.
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