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    We have found that there are not many comprehensive real estate websites for negros, nothing like the states. However, we've been "looking at real estate" for three years, and found an incredibly low priced lot on the edge of Bacong last year. We found it thru an agent recommended to us thru a friend, which is where you will find most good lots. We've looked at lots with four other "agents" and all the recommendations have been thru friends or acquaintances, from San Jose to Dauin. It's a VERY SMALL TOWN, and between your acquaintances, they will know every serious lot for sale around, or know someone who does.

    And do be careful, never buy a lot unless you have a clear one person title, never a lot with a "tenant." and note that "everything is for sale" at a price, so be sure to check out prices in the 'hood... I looked at one lot with a deceased owner, seven heirs of unknown location, and a tenant farmer. Wouldn't touch that if they GAVE it to me.
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