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Looking for a nice kitchen for shooting a cooking course

Discussion in 'Dumaguete City' started by ajayver, Jun 12, 2016.

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    Greetings to all forum members!

    Me, Caus Production and chef Thomas Collins are shooting a professional cooking course for Udemy here in Dumaguete. We are looking for a house or an apartment for rent with a nice European/US style kitchen with an island - a big working surface in the center of the kitchen like this:



    We need this so that we can put lights and cameras in front of the chef so he will be able to speak in cameras while cooking instead of shooting his back :smile:

    If anyone knows some houses or apartments for rent with a big nice kitchen, please comment here, or contact me. We need a kitchen for around 3-5 days, 4-6 hours per day.

    I doubt that we will be able to find this kind of setup here, but it worth a try.

    If you or you friends have such kitchen in your house/resort/restaurant, we can pay for using it for a while and we can mention your name in the credentials + give you free access to the course. We can also shoot at nights in case it is a restaurant or a resort with a busy kitchen, we have more than enough lights for that.

    Any advice and help is appreciated!

    Contact: 09472703854 / ajayver.com@gmail.com
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