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Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by JohnInValencia, Jan 29, 2023.

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    I've got an ionizer for my pool that is basically a full wave rectifier with a flip/flop to reverse the 5 vdc output polarity every minute or two into a pair of copper/silver electrodes. The resulting ions in the water suppress algae and reduce the need for chlorine by 80%.

    The 555 clock chip that drives the flip/flop is visibly burned out. I need someone with the tools and skills to un-solder and replace the chip. To be honest... I'm to old and uncoordinated myself and I don't have the tools any more.

    I've taken it to a half dozen electrical and/or compute shops all of which say "We don't know what that is!"

    There used to be a tech at Algorythm Computer that could do this stuff but apparently he left.

    Can anyone direct me?

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    You could probably get a 555 timer at any of the many little electronic shops around town.
    At Ever Mall on the main drag (Perdices St.) there are several cell phone repair shops. Any of them could solder the timer for you. I've had them replace all the little switches on my garage door remote with no problems. I found the little switches I needed at Bernardos you might try them for the 555 timer.
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