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Discussion in 'Businesses - Services - Products' started by Irenicus, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Irenicus

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    Particleboard is starting to fallaparticleboard so it's time to get some decent furniture.

    Can anyone recommend any furniture makers here? Looking for dining table and chairs and mebbe some other stuff. Want a place that uses properly dried wood and termite treatment. Also, if anyone knows a place that can work off someone else's schematic, that would be cool (looking to have Adirondack chairs made).
  2. Show Pony

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    If you drive down the South highway there are a lot of furniture makers between the city and San Miguel.

    My neighbor had doors, windows, cabinets and tables made from wood only seasoned a couple of weeks. It was still green. With the high humidity here, I don't think green wood is a big problem.
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  3. Glendazumba

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    I know one but it is very far from here ----the wood materials though are of good quality and the prices are reasonable. The shop is located somewhere up north in Canlaon.
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  4. kelpguy

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    i've seen some awesome work coming out of Espinosa which is an older shop

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  5. Fellow Traveler

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    I will relate my recent experience in getting custom furniture made. Espinosa's was recommended to me, but when I visited, he said he is booked solid with work for hotels and restaurants, and recommended another shop - the shop on the left just past Hypermart when driving towards Valencia. After extensive discussion, and my providing Sketchup drawings with measurements and details of what I was looking for, I placed the order. A couple of days ago he texted to come inspect as they were nearing completion. I stopped by, but the proprietor was not there. After inspecting, I noticed one problem - should be an easy fix at that stage. He is building a trestle table for me - and I had drawn and show measurements for the end pieces to be set back from the edge of the table far enough to allow a diner to sit at each end. He ignored these dimensions and drawings, and placed them very near the end, making the table not comfortable to sit at at the ends. I sent a text explaining this. Next communication, 2 days later was to come get the furniture - it was done. He ignored the text message and did not correct the problem.

    Fortunately, I have worked as a carpenter and cabinetmaker in the past - I can fix it. But I should not have to - he failed to deliver the item that was order.
    Similarly, the other item ordered was a bookshelf - not very high, but rather long - almost 2 mtrs - to fit under a wall-mounted big-screen TV. The shelf is divided into three sections. The details clearly specify "two shelves for each section". He only made one for the center section.

    Last, the quality of the finish is poor. We discussed the stain/finish, and I pointed out examples he has on his desk of the type of finish I desired - an antique mahogany style, but with the grain still clearly visible. Instead, it's a very muddy, translucent stain - almost like paint - and with very heavy brush-strokes visible on all surfaces.

    On the plus side, wood is all Meranti (Lauan, Philippine Mahogany) - solid wood for all except the shelf back, as was discussed. The wood is all of adequate dimensions for the purpose, and the furniture seems solidly built. However, requiring me to do major carpentry to fix his own error, even after it was pointed out to him before completion, is a deal-breaker - I can not recommend him as a furniture maker, and I will go elsewhere for any future furniture needs I have.
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