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North highway traffic

Discussion in 'Dumaguete City' started by charlyB, May 27, 2024.

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    Around 2 weeks ago we were heading north and the southbound lane of the road was barriered off for bit just before the Ford cars showroom so whatever direction you were going you to wait your turn until directed by the workers, as you can imagine it was chaos and causing a long delay, we decided then that for a while we would try and not use that road unless there was no alternative.
    Yesterday we went out for lunch but because of all the people celebrating their graduation the restaurant's we normally use were all too busy, so we decided to try somewhere up north but we never even got as far as the airport turnoff as the tailback of vehicles was way before that.
    The roadworks or whatever the reason for one lane of the road being closed was still ongoing.
    I don't know what the work is that they are doing as we did a u turn and went back before we could see but whatever it is but i could not believe that this very busy main road can be allowed to be in that state for so long.
    Word of advice for anyone with a flight to catch, leave early, VERY early.
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    It's going on for months. Must be a routine re-surfacing.